About me

Walfen is a software company created by Miguel Angel Ruiz, a telecommunications engineer and MBA graduate with more than 10 years of professional experience in developing software applications. Currently is composed by Miguel Angel Ruiz and several collaborators that cover other areas such as graphic design and social media.

Walfen is a software company composed by a Software Engineer and several collaborators

The mission of Walfen is offer software services with high levels of quality, flexibility and performance with affordable prices. The development is mostly executed remotely but in-house tasks can be realized during the first weeks of the project and periodically for the planning, synchronization and evaluation of the process. The development process is realized using Agile methodologies and CI/CD offering to the client complete visibility of the evolution of the project.

The objective is offer software services with high levels of quality, flexibility and affordable prices

The technologies used are mainly open source and widely used. In this way, we can deliver solutions easy to maintain, reliable and with very good performance. Each project will include unit tests, integration tests, load tests and code quality controls. We also provide the creation of production and test environments in AWS and CI/CD infrastructures.

Open source technologies, tests and code quality control.

You can see a summary of the technologies used by Walfen in the page Technologies.