Selenium is an open source testing framework to emulate manual tests of web applications. The tests can be implemented in several languages such as Java and C# and they will simulate user actions on a web application.

Our experience on Selenium has been the creation of several Selenium projects written in Java. The objective of these projects was to automate manual tests of web applications, in order to avoid these repetitive, slow and prone-error tasks.

SeleniumThe design of the projects was based in the modelization of the visual interface using classes that represented the pages and common components (header, menu, footer) of each web application. Selenium provides an API to access and trigger the html elements of a web page. The html elements can be accessed using XPath.

Then it is possible to create unit tests or main classes that using the modelization of the visual interface will reproduce the desired test cases.


In summary, Selenium is a great tool for automated tests. It avoid regressions and it helps saving time in repetitive and boring manual tests. However, Selenium tests should have a good design and it is not recommended to use it in web applications whose interface will change constantly.

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