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We meet the software needs of your business. Below you can see some of the projects created by Walfen.
Films Manager

Web application for cataloging movies and TV Series. It offers full-text search, statistical and reporting tools. Used by more than 1000 users

Academia Griñón

Web site of a Studies Center in Griñon (Madrid)


Pacapoll is a web application for creating polls, voting and sharing your opinion of every kind of topic


More than 10 years of experience delivering software projects
Excelent quality, performance, maintenance and detail-oriented

At Walfen, we offer the complete development of IT projects using some of the latest and most popular technologies. We cover the design, implementation, testing, deployment and maintenance of each project. Our solutions can be tailored to your needs.

We posses considerable experience delivering web applications with high levels of quality, maintenance and security for international companies and organizations. Moreover we can offer the creation of native and web mobile applications.

The development methodology follows the AGILE principles and CI/CD to show the evolution of the project from the beginning.

A more detailed description of our skills can be found in the page Technologies

  • Java

    Spring, Hibernate, JSF, JUnit, Mockito, Selenium, IText, Tomcat

  • Databases

    SQL, Oracle, MySql, SQL Server, Postgres, ObjectDB

  • Web

    Apache, Javascript, JSON, JQuery, Angular, CSS, Bootstrap, HTML, SEO, Paypal

  • Others

    Linux, AWS, Jenkins, GIT, Subversion, Gradle, Eclipse, Artifactory, SonarQube, YourKit, JIRA


If your project goes beyond the areas covered by Walfen, we have a team of collaborators ready to fulfill your requirements
Dominika Szczes
Web & Social Media Editor
Zuzanna Wójcicka
Graphic Designer
José Manuel Muñoz
Software Developer

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